living with less plastic


Ms. Dea experienced life in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England and even America, but still decided to return to her native Zlarin. In addition to her tourism education and her husband's initiative, her family decided to open a Pasarela cafe. In addition to the cafe bar, they also hold a pancake stand because, as she puts it, "she is used to feeding people and children."

She liked the Zlarin without Plastic project because it "shook up the routine" and introduced new topics for conversation among the locals. He believes the project has encouraged locals to unite and move forward. "At first, we were worried that we were too small, but we went for a project initiative that not only put a bug in our ear, but also helped a lot with information and directions on where to get glasses and straws," says Ms. Dea.

He points out that they adhere to all the rules and hopes to make other people who come to the island aware of their example.

© Alex Robb for Plastic Free Zlarin