Katarina won over the residents of Zlarin with her concept design for the Plastic free Zlarin logo. After that we gladly continued our cooperation, so that Katarina's recognizable and lively style is reflected in all the educational and promotional materials of the initiative. Fast and efficient, Katarina turned all our ideas into beautiful visual supports.


CupUp as a brand has been officially in existence since 2016, based on years of experience of cooperation and project realization with international companies. Another example of the implementation of personalized reusable washable polypropylene (PP) glasses, which has been in use in European countries for over a decade, is CupUp System d.o.o. has decided to offer this eco-friendly and mobile marketing product to the Croatian market as the only existing company of this format

CupUp is not only a product but also a service and eco-responsible business mode in which the product fulfills the dual function of a reusable marketing tool and item, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated as collateral for disposable products.


You may be wondering where did we order our beautiful and handy canvas bags with the logo of the initiative - the answer is with Eco Luna!



TERRA HUB is a non-profit non-governmental independent legal entity established in 2016 in Croatia to keep together experts and professionals who have been working with the UNDP Croatia Energy, Environment and Innovation team after the office closed. Our team won the 1st prize at Adriatic Plastic Challenge organised in 2018. by Terra Hub, Zona and Volvo Cars Adria.

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